Jess Tobin….

” By day /night I work with young people as a Youth development officer, doing mainly creative stuff with developmental aspects intertwined, and by day/night I draw.
I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, went to Art College for 5 million years (still not long enough) having always had a huge affinity with drawing I returned to it after an extended sabbatical. When I returned to it I decided I would just draw whatever I liked, this happens to be people with heavy leanings towards fashion.
How I work can vary, sometimes I draw in pencil, go over it with pen and rub out the pencil. Sometimes I champion the quality that a lively pencil drawing can have. Drawing in inks is one of my big loves because it is so instant and fluid. It’s nice to chop and change between the two. And then there is Photoshop, I don’t use it nearly as well as I should but I use it none the less, I often use it to colour, edit or to use vintage prints, manipulating and adding them into a drawing. I’m a founding member of The Blind Elephant Illustration Collective.”