Marian Noone aka ‘Friz’ is an emerging Belfast based artist who works in both traditional and digital mediums. She is part of the SPOOM Collective, a group of artists who frequently collaborate on large scale murals.

Friz’s work largely revolves around the female form, creating a world of sometimes sassy, sometimes sensuous characters. Her works have been included in group exhibitions in both Belfast, Sligo and Dublin. Friz studied Classical Animation in BCFE Dublin and Illustration in Telford College Edinburgh. In 2010 she was a member of the Dublin team competing in the Secret Wars Euro-League, the world’s premier live art battle involving 17 cities from around Europe.

She has been invited as a guest artist to paint at such events as ‘Eurocultured’ in Manchester , ‘Smithfield Festival’ in Dublin, ‘N.P.L.D.’ Festival in Sligo and the ‘BASE Festival’ in Belfast.

Friz’s work is influenced by the study of classical animation.


Below is a selection of work from South African Artist Marcamix, based in Dublin Marcamix’s work can be seen at the mighty Tivoli Jam, The Beatyard, Kings of Concrete and many many more spots around town…. Marca’s strong character based style is individual and bold, Marca is available for pieces big and small.




Uncontrollably doodling my way through the schooling system I went on to study Animation and Graphic design. I now spend my time perusing all things creative regardless of it being digital, hand painted, 3D or outside for the world to see. I like them all. Most of my work is centered around an organic, fictitious world where the grotesque sits content along side beauty.
I try to produce pieces that are clean, bold and colourful. The aim is to create works that look as if they were created using vector software but have been painted by hand. Inspiration can come from anywhere and anything, however I owe a lot to the cartoons and comic books of the early nineties as these where the things that led me in this direction.