KVLR RBMA Belfast Long Angle Street ArtWe caught up with the king of light and dark characters KVLR to talk his biggest street art piece yet. 4 stories of cheeky chappy for Red Bull Music Academy’s Weekender’s recent visit to Belfast…

Your art in 5 words?
Caps, Pressure, Mulsh, Darkness, Light…

Tell us about your recent RBMA cheeky chap, that piece is one of your biggest outdoor to date?
Yes man, it was pretty big, 4 stories tall. I tried to sneak a little bit of symbolism in there based on the brief they dealt out. I drew a picture of a kid listening to a reel type tape machine, on his hat (his crown)… “home taping is killing music” logo.
If people adhered to the message not to make home taping or audio sampling we wouldn’t have the fantastic range of music that we love today. Its almost like saying “don’t paint on this wall” – A red rag to a bull.

KVLR RBMA Belfast Face Neck Close UpIt seemed like a really nice meeting of your art and a commission, does that always happen?
Not always Ene – but it this instance they let me do what I wanted and run with it. Which was nice.

How was it working on that scale and at height?
Really cool, I’m normally pretty bad with heights but I was served a diesel scissor lift which is pretty stable to work from. I gridded it out with chalk in meters squared so it was literally painting by numbers like a kids book on a big scale. I tried not to look down!

Who is your favourite artist at the moment?
Sergio Toppi

Do you have any big pieces coming up?
Well, not really. However, I’ve got a rooftop soon where I want to paint letters. I’ve always been a bit crap at that sort of thing so my mate who’s good at letters is gonna help me with the sketch, I’ll probably still balls it up and paint a character over it like. Just trying some skills I guess – fun times.KVLR Progress Shot

What’s the piece or project you most enjoyed this year?
The big one of course. It’s like a drug, need more big stuff.

What does the future hold for KVLR?
I’ll let you know once I’ve saved enough coin to buy a crystal ball.

KVLR RMBA Street Art Wide Screen

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