Dia del Meurtos Gangland Street Art GnasherCharacter specialist and all around good egg, we caught up with Norwich’s Nasher to talk pieces, the characters that never were and inspiration for his art.

Describe your art in 5 words?
Copying stuff from Google images.

It seems you can create anything that comes to mind. Is there anything or anyone you really want to paint?
Star Wars, just a full on Star Wars Hoth battle scene…. I’d also love to paint a porn wall, but I haven’t got the balls to do it …. No pun intended.

Gnasher Tattoo Street Art Lady Dia del MeurtosHow do you find your subjects?
I won’t lie, I mostly find them on Google ….. I do change them and add stuff in photoshop.
You’re known for your fantastic characters, do you ever paint ones that are less flattering and a bit of a commentary on the subject? Not on purpose, sometimes I totally mess it up and they look a bit erm wrong, like when Stewie from family guy cloned himself.

What ‘draws’ you to certain characters…cough?
Ha, good pun! Old people are wicked to paint, but I’ll be honest I do paint trending people, shamelessly.

Who’s your favourite artist at the moment?
Belin or Smug….. I can’t decide.

Do you have any big pieces coming up?
Mate, I have a few…. I did something through a friend for Ricky Gervais…. He’s doing a new film of David Brent so I won’t say too much.

Gnasher Rik MayallWhat’s the piece or project you most enjoyed this year?
Rik Mayall… He was an absolute idol in my eyes and to paint a mural in his home town and get recognised on the BBC was nuts.

You paint with a lot of writers, do you enjoy mixing it up with characters and letters?
My letters suck balls, it’s great to paint with proper letter writers… Makes a good rounded wall.

What does the future hold for Gnasher?
I don’t know mate, I’m just so glad I’m putting food on the table at the moment… More of that hopefully.

You’ve been painting since ’85, would you say commercial street pieces are received differently now?
100%… I guess you gotta thank Banksy for changing the public’s perception.

Gnasher Street Art Robin WilliamsYour recent Senna piece has some real presence, is it all in the eyes?
Cheers mate, it’s always about the eyes…. I usually nail the eyes, it distracts people from the rest of the face I’ve messed up.

Would you come to Ireland to paint, have you ever been?
That sounds like an offer, if anyone’s paying for my flights I’m in. No I’ve never been…… I started my travels from Oz and now working my way back.Senna Gnasher Street Art London