Evolve Phat Jam 2 Friz artist pictureSligo born and coming from a classical animation background.  Friz aka ‘Marian Noone’ works across street pieces, traditional and digital. Marian is a multifaceted talented artist who’s street work we love.

Friz’s work largely revolves around the female form, creating a world of sometimes sassy, sometimes sensuous and seriously cool characters.

Friz’s world…

Her imagination and influences bring us into a world of bright striking pieces with bold and clean lines. Each piece has its own personality and often a sense of place depending on the project. Sometimes the female characters she portrays deal with Celtic mythology, occasionally dipping into folklore to connect the subject to the area. Mostly the characters she paints ooze with a cheeky and endearing personality and over the past years her street pieces have developed to take in a more tonal feel. This shift in Friz’s style adds another exciting dimension to her already fantastic body of work.Friz John Gunn's Camera Shop Street Art Commission

Evolve’s birth…

It’s been a pleasure to work together with Friz on spots in the past. Evolve’s first walls and shutters involved Friz so we go way back. You can find these pieces still there today brightening up Camden St and Temple Bar. She’s also been a main feature at Evolve’s Phat Paint Jam events. These bring together graffiti writers, street artists, stencil artists and everything in between.

There’s other great events happening throughout the year and you can find Friz at these too, the Friz All City Tivoli Jam Dublindaddy being All City Dublin’s Tivoli Jam. It always deserves a mention as it’s a transformed car park tucked away in The Liberties, essentially becoming an open air art gallery. It’s always worth a visit if you want to check out the cream of Irish and international outdoor artists. Every year brings a fresh crop of pieces for you to feast your eyes on.

As an artist she has hubs of work across Ireland, in her home town of Sligo, her base of Belfast and Dublin. We caught up with Friz fresh after a new studio move and she was kind enough to answer some questions.

With her animation background Friz is at home creating paintings, prints and digital work as she is up Friz Thomas Street Art Regeneration Project Dublina ladder with spray in hand. Don’t take our word for it check out her work below.

Your art in 5 words?
Feck, Arse, Drink, Girls…..and….Colour

What’s your favourite artist at the moment?
Recently discovered Natalia Rak’s work which I’m digging, but I’m inspired by so many artists from a whole heap of disciplines that I couldn’t possibly name a favourite.Friz Evolve Phat Paint Jam 3 Dublin

Do you have any big pieces coming up?
A couple of nice projects in the works, but not taken off the ground yet so fingers crossed.

What’s the piece or project you most enjoyed this year?
Hmmm there’s been a few. A couple of walls in Sligo this year for Sligo Tidy Towns Committee, El Tigre at T-13 and the All City Tivoli Jam

What does the future hold for Friz?Friz Clonmel 1650 Evolve Phat Jam
Here’s hoping even bigger and better walls and maybe a little travel thrown into the mix