Engineer by day and street artist 24/7…Anna Doran  Anna Doran Dublin City Council Beta Street Art

As an artist she came to Dublin’s attention outdoors initially as part of her work on Dublin City Council’s traffic light box beta project. In our  opinion Anna’s pieces are a delightful interruption to city life, and definitely leave a smile on the faces of passersby. Since the beta project Anna’s art has taken new directions. There’s been a definite motif of colour and quotes which we love.

Passing by…

Anna’s art combines a world of shape, bright colour, and quotes usually in a collaged form. Depending on the space each piece can be very different, but instantly recognisable. Often quotes will catch your attention of a swirling bed of shape and colour. You may have seen these colourful pieces around Camden St, Thomas St, and now in Temple Bar with Love Lane.

For anyone not fully familiar it’s not everywhere that Anna Doran Rain Rain Go Away Evolve Street Art Camden Styou can make a space for street art. So it’s brilliant when groups can make pieces happen and stay for a bit in the fabric of the city.

She’s painted with Evolve at our Phat Jam events in The Bernard Shaw, Thomas Street ‘Street Art’ regeneration project and also a few pieces and spots around town on street level.

Most recently she completed an ambitious piece in Love Lane Temple Bar which collected together quotes of love in a large scale collage of tiles, colour and shapes (all beautifully executed). This is part of Dublin City  Council and Temple Bar Traders new initiative. More of this sort of thing we say. It’s great to see the council and Temple Bar taking initiative with otherwise empty space.

You don’t have to go too far from there; you can Evolve Urban Art Anna Doran Street Art piece Phat Jam 1catch another of her pieces in a revamped Urban Outfitters. We caught up with Anna for a few questions on pieces past and her art….

Tell us about being an engineer and a street artist?

Engineering at the moment is what feeds my belly, but art is what feeds my soul. The dream and goal is to become a full time artist or work out a way to merge the two disciplines.Evolve Thomas Street Regeneration Project Street Art Dublin Anna Doran

Your art in 5 words?

Bold, Colourful, Patterned, Quoted Mayhem.

What’s your favourite artist at the moment?

I adore Matt W. Moores bold patterns and colours. His murals and graphics are just breath-taking and he is a great inspiration: I am also loving Masers new works. His Maser Motel in Vegas is brilliant and it is so great to see an Irish artist doing so well and living his dream.

Do you have any big pieces coming up?

I recently just finished painting a wall mural in Urban Outfitters in Temple Bar. Now, I am working on designing and painting a pig, for Jack and Jill charity. My and 100 other specially designed pigs will go on PARADE in January 2015 for the country’s largest ever ‘Pig Art Display’ which will culminate with a charity auction. You can find more info at Pigs Parade.

What’s the piece or project you most enjoyed this year?Anna Doran Love Lane Temple Bar

I really enjoyed designing ‘Love Lane’ in Temple Bar this summer. The ‘Love the Lanes’ is a joint initiative between Dublin City Council and the Temple Bar Company to bring new life to the back lanes of Temple Bar. Their aim is to reactivate these lanes for people to use and enjoy. My lane is made up of combination of handmade decorated tiles and also stencilled spray painted sections. Various tiles contain quotes about love from the people of Dublin, music and poetry.

What does the future hold for you?Anna Doran Urban Outfitters Temple Bar Dublin Evolve Street Art Commission

The dream is to one day hold my own exhibition and up my profile in the art world. Currently I am drawing, designing and skilling up technically and artistically as much as I can to make this dream come true. I am also looking forward to collaborating with some amazing Irish artists in the New Year, and in a nut shell having loads of creative fun in the future.