Paint on walls !

James Earley Blooms Hotel

The conversation of how our cities should look and who decides is a well walked path. Issues such as urbanisation and placemaking affect you and your urban environment.  While not going into this too much I’d like to take time to talk about art on our streets. We stand for the right to ‘put paint on walls’,  and to create. Without much ado, within the realms of common sense, and working with the communities and people of the city. Let us facilitate and let art happen. Give it space. Without archaic rules and nonsensical permissions. Or at the very least lets talk about it.

There has been a steady flow of beautiful pieces popping up around the city. Some fantastic recent examples from Guido Van Helten, Fintan Magee and the always wonderful Maser all dropping beautiful jaw dropping pieces along South Richmond Street.  Paint on walls !

At Evolve we organise a small bit here and there with fantastic artists. All of which we’ll cover in time.  One of the nicest things to see the reaction to the pieces. I’ve purposely picked other examples to illustrate the wealth of fantastic art happening around the city.

Guido Van Helten Bernard Shaw The spots that are being painted, commissioned and given a place throughout the city are positive additions to Dublin. The biggest and boldest example lately of this is a James Earley piece, a gigantic ode to Joyce and Ulysses. The Blooms Hotel in Temple Bar has gone further then just a name. It’s commissioned one of the loveliest pieces.  A beautiful interruption of the urban landscape in Temple Bar.  Perfectly themed and lovely to behold,  this will no doubt be a tourist attraction…

For us it’s just an attraction …

More we say….


Fintan Magee Bernard Shaw

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